Akanda-mandalakaram (“Endless circle”, in sanskrit) is a 2019 series dedicated to my teachers in the spiritual paths of both Vedanta and Buddhism.

Most of the pieces were created  and painted in India.

The images make references to Buddhist and Vedantic iconography. The infinite circle (enso), for example, is associated to the empty, non-conceptual nature of the liberated mind, while the elephant is related both to the birth of Buddha (as prince Siddharta) and the god Ganesha.

Gouache, watercolor and Indian ink; 2019.

Limited numbered and signed fine prints (size 30X30cm) available upon request here.

Buda Shakyamuni, por ocasião do seu aniversário de nascimento em 2019

para Chögyam Trugnpa – paranirvana 32, dia 4 de abril de 2019

Para o Satguru, Sri Guru Mooji Baba na forma de uma menina eu


Para Chögyam Trungpa, sob a forma do Céu de Vajra

Para Arunachala


the no-head woman

zoo alphabet

book illustration