lying on the pavement,

I am not sure whether I am dreaming my living or my own dying

Love beyond mathematics is the illustrated story of a girl who is not sure if she is one, two or no person at all. Geometrics of the empty space depicts the moment she was ran over by a car and was left in the pavement wondering whether she was dreaming her life or her own dying.

This biographical artist’s book is a devotional piece giving praises to life. It was created after I was ran over by a car while biking in my hometown, Brasília, in September 2016. The accident rendered me unconscious for around 3 minutes. In the very point where flesh meets sacredness, this book is my way of understanding Compassion and Emptiness from the sober perspective of mortality. So far my body remains on this side.

At once Object and Ritual, it was handmade in silkscreen. Each piece crossed seven printing stages and at the end the original printing screens were destroyed.

The copies are unique, numbered and signed. The series was limited to 108 copies. This book is sold out.


Meet the book:


o mundo sem anéis

histórias de cavalas

porque tudo começa